Hi! My name is Jenny Shih. I'm a backend engineer at PicCollage, a software company based in Taipei, Taiwan.

There was a time when I was very disciplined to write blog posts at a regular interval. You can find them here.

I have spoken at conferences. There are recordings, but I still haven't been able to look at them. You should have no problem looking at them here though.

In my free time, I love making music playlists with obscure titles and building side projects that have no product values whatsoever. Running also sparks joy for me. My goal is to finish a marathon next year.

Can I share some of my music playlists you ask? Sure. Taiwanese gems and its sibling Taiwanese gems, soft rock edition seem to be my greatest hits. Recently I'm also exploring 80s music. Talk to me if you like music too! Or if you don't, talk to me anyway!

Here are the links you are probably looking for: