[Security] DDoS: Distributed Denial of Service Attack


[Networking] the TCP/IP Model

and what exactly its relationship is with the OSI model

[Networking] the OSI Model

what happens when you click on a URL?

[Database] Transaction and Concurrency Control

concurrency control in database

[Operating System] The Dining Philosophers Problem

synchronization, mutex locks and semaphores

[Operating System] Process Synchronization

a seriously digested note on process synchronization

[筆記] REST 到底是什麼

帶回家的訊息:REST 真的很難懂

Serverless & FaaS

順帶一提 SaaS, PaaS & IaaS

Container 概念筆記

最近好常聽到 Container, Docker, Kubernetes, Microservice 這些名詞,該是時候來好好梳理清楚了。

從點一個 URL 到看到頁面中間發生了什麼事?(下集)

終於,我們進入 Ruby on Rails 應用程式中。